About Kenya Water Week

The Ministry of Water and Irrigation together with Council of Governors, the Water Services Trust Fund, KEWASNET, KEWI and other collaborating institutions are preparing for the Kenya Water Week 2016 Conference and Exhibition to be held on 20th to 25th November 2016. The Conference venue will be Kenyatta International Convention Center (KICC) in Nairobi, Kenya.

The theme of the Conference is: From Aid to Trade: Enhancing Business Partnerships and Innovation for Sustainable water and sanitation Provision and irrigation in Africa. This theme has been arrived at in recognition of the global shift from Aid to Trade, and the need for sustainable financing and development.

The aim of the Conference is to provide a networking opportunity and global platform for public and private sector players to interact and dialogue on water issues in order to enhance business and innovation while matching water sector challenges to solutions. This will no doubt contribute towards more sustainable and economically viable service delivery, and ultimately towards sustainable development. It is expected that the Conference will bring together Government institutions, Water Utilities, Research and Academic Institutions, Private Sector Institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations among others from around the world.

Sustainable water solutions in Africa in particular require innovative thinking and strong Public Private Partnerships in order to drive the transformation towards efficient and economically viable service delivery within the context of green growth.

Kenya Water Week Thematic Areas

  • Enhancing the achievement of Vision 2030 Water Sector objectives through good governance and increased investments
  • Enhancing Sustainable water services provision in developing countries;
  • Research industry innovation nexus
  • Business and partnership opportunities and enabling business environments
  • Opportunities in Water Storage, Irrigation, Drainage, and Land Reclamation Sub-Sector

The conference and exhibition objectives are as follows:

  1. Share sector performance and consult stakeholders
  2. Explore business opportunities and trends in the water sector in Kenya
  3. Provide a forum for exchange of ideas and technologies between Kenyan private sector and foreign companies with a view to establishing long-term business partnerships in the water sector)
  4. Showcase recent innovations, technologies and developments in the water sector for efficient and safe water and sanitation services delivery
  5. Explore alternative financing models and Public Private Partnerships for Water Services Providers

Innovation and knowledge development will be a key focus of the Conference and Kenyan Academic Institutions with knowledge development will be invited to compete in an innovation challenge. Awards will be granted to Winners of the competition.

Benefits of 2016 Kenya Water Week

Kenya Water Week 2016 provides the participants with a platform for:

  • Exploring business opportunities and trends in the water sector in Kenya and Africa
  • Establishing productive and progressive business partnerships
  • Exploring innovations, systems and technologies that can match sector challenges to solutions thus accelerating the realization of Sustainable Development Goals
  • Identifying appropriate and dynamic financing models as well as Public Private Partnerships
  • Linking investors with relevant institutions to facilitate and enhance business set-up and investment processes
  • Awarding and promoting best practices and new innovations
  • Knowledge sharing through convenor sessions, case studies and exhibitions
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities with key stakeholders

The Kenya Water Week Organizing Secretariat invites you to participate in the 1st Annual KEWAWK event by registering as a delegate, exhibitor, Convener, or any of the other opportunities provided for in the website. Kindly follow the registration process for the category you are interested in.

Components of Kenya Water Week:

  1. Kenya Water Sector Performance Reporting
  2. Business and Innovation Conference, Innovation Challenge and Exhibitions
  3. Water Sector Innovation Awards 2016 (WaSIA 2016)

Kenya Water Sector Reporting

The 2016 Kenya Water Sector Reporting will be a one and a half days event that will comprise of Sector Performance Reporting and plenary discussions to stimulate stakeholder participation, contribution, feedback and provoke thinking on possible solutions to the current challenges. This will be done under Thematic Area One of the Kenya Water Week in the first two days. During the sessions participants will jointly review the sector progress, deliberate on key performance challenges, emerging issues and identify sector priority areas with an aim to support and fast-track these priorities in order to move the sector forward towards achieving Vision 2030 objectives and Constitutional obligations. The sector monitoring is based on Key Sector Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Kenyan Water Sector Stakeholders will participate in the first two days by invitation only. All registered and confirmed Kenya Water Week participants are automatically invited.

Water Sector Innovation Awards 2016 (WaSIA 2016)

The objective of WaSIA is to identify, recognize and reward the most outstanding innovations and quality performance in the Water and Sanitation sector that have contributed in the achievement of Kenya’s goals under Vision 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals. This will be done through two awards as follows:

WSTF Innovation Challenge – WICA 2016:

This award is aimed at spurring innovations in the water sector, through the support of already existing innovations to a level where they can be turned into viable business ventures. The innovation challenge will be geared towards solving water challenges in the following thematic areas:

  1. Water Services
  2. Water Resources Management
  3. Waste Water Treatment and Management

KEWASNET Maji Performance Innovation Awards – MaPIA 2016:

KEPIA 2016 recognizes and rewards the outstanding contribution & performance by Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Government Agencies, individuals and Private Sector Institutions for innovations geared towards increasing access, improving quality, promoting conservation and governance in the water and sanitation sector.

Awards to be granted on Gala Night, 24th November 2016

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